The Unforeseen Benefits of
Customer Research

We have recently experienced an increased demand for customer research amongst our clients.

Clients want to know that customers are happy to enable
them to retain that client relationship.  However, there are a
number of other benefits that may not be immediately apparent.


Many clients say that
existing clients are their best sources of referral for new business.
Whist we are in contact with customers confirming that they are satisfied
with the service that they are receiving it is simple for us to ask the
customer if they have any business contacts that might also be interested in
our client’s products or services:


Their own customer.


Associated businesses.


Business contacts.


Personal contacts.


Local businesses.



The second benefit that is
frequently overlook is the use of the results for public relations (PR)
activities.  If a business is trying to get material published in local
papers or magazines editors are often attracted to research related results.

Whilst the fact that 98% of your customers
are satisfied may be of paramount interest to you it is probably not
newsworthy.  However, we can include one or more topical questions
within the research questionnaire and this can be very useful when
constructing articles for publication.


The output from a customer research survey can also be used as a motivational tool with staff.
The publication of the results gives feedback to staff about the customer’s
opinion of what they deliver and it can also be used to benchmark
performance and target improvements.



Once again, questions can be
included to gain insight into what the customers would like to receive from
you.  This can be invaluable in directing the development of future
products and services.

To discuss the potential benefits that
you could enjoy from running a customer research programme call us to
discuss your requirements, in strict
confidence and without obligation: