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The Role of Telemarketing in Growing Sales Volumes

is the promotion of products and services, by telephone, to
prospective customers. It is an extremely effective way of
generating new sales.

Telemarketing has significant advantages
over direct mailing alone as it enables the telemarketing executive to
handle objections over the telephone. Telemarketing may be one
part of the marketing plan for a business.

growing your sales volumes, through the use of telemarketing, depends on a
number of factors:

Accurate Customer Targeting
- Understanding who is likely to buy is
key. The list that the telemarketing executive calls be the type of
businesses that might buy. In some cases there is a broad
application of a particular product or service e.g. systems support,
accountancy or finance; but equally the target market could be very narrow
e.g. equipment for theatres. In either case, the target customers
need to be identified as precisely as possible.

An Attractive Proposition for the Customer
- This needs to instantly grab the attention of the
customer and to differentiate itself as far as is possible from the other
marketing approaches that the customer may receive from your competitors.
Also, there needs to be an underlying demand for the product in order to
generate interest from prospective customers. The approach
should be encapsulated in a set of call guidelines, which give a structure
to the calls, but it is equally important to give the telemarketing
executive latitude to hold a conversation with the customer.

The Right Circumstances
- The circumstances in which telemarketing is used
are equally important, it doesn’t suit every type of business. The
value of an individual sale is the first thing to consider. The cost
of any marketing effort needs to be accounted for within the unit sale
price. If the unit value is just a few pounds a telemarketing
executive may need to sell so many each hour, in order to make a return
for your business, that the use of telemarketing is ineffective.
Secondly, the product
or service needs to be easily understood. Telemarketing may not
be suited to propositions that need to be seen to be understood by the
customer. Lastly, the benefits of telemarketing come over the course
of a sustained campaign. This enables the telemarketing executives
to call customers back, build up rapport and close down
opportunities. The results of any campaign are likely to be commensurate
to the size of the investment.

The use of
telemarketing is growing rapidly as a targeted, well structured
campaign within for an appropriate product or service can deliver
results quickly.

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