Change Management Project Management

Change Management and Project Management

Often our clients know what
they want to achieve its often just a case of finding the time to get around to
completing the work or a particular project.

This can apply to a range of different
activities whether its developing a new way of marketing (a new route to
market), implementing a change to the way their business works to reduce
costs, implementing new IT or initiating a range of other different types
of business projects.

We can help you with the
burden by giving you an experienced Business Executive that will work with
you to get things completed. The Business Executive will report to you
with progress and you can view them as part of your team. You only pay
for the time for which you need them so they are a flexible resource that
removes the need for you to recruit additional staff.

We can support your organisation by:

Starting and completing
those projects that you don’t have time to get around to.

Providing experienced management resource
to plan and manage projects
for you.

Generating ideas to increase sales or
improve efficiencies within your business.

Planning and implementing
initiatives to improve your business including rationalising existing
processes to save costs (also known as business process
re-engineering or BPR).

Turning around existing change initiatives that have not delivered

To discuss your requirements, in strict
confidence and without obligation: