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admin 04-12-2023 03:32 PM

My first Blog Post! :>
Hello, my name is Matt, and i'm the owner of Entrepreneur Forum its been up sine september 2006 and its been a very hard task for me to get to the level its at now, i've had countless errors and bugs, lost databases, had hackers mess around with the forum, website downtime, all this has had its effects on me, but i've pushed through and kept it alive.

I've just added the blogs section for me to post in, i also have my webmaster blog over at http://webmastr.co.uk which i will probably end up pointing the domain to my blog on this site soon.

Done many modifications on the site today, added the vbadvanced Mod, as you can see, it allows me to put posts like these into the left side bar etc. I've also done some SEO work on the site, if you look at the top of this post, you may see a H1 tag followed by a H2 tag which google will love :>

I've got to fix the problems when you go to visit a members profile, you can't unless you right click and open in a new window :S

I've got to do alot more work on the website, as well as sorting these similies on the right had side (as i write this in) they don't currently work.

If anyone hasn't added Google Analytics into there website yet, i recomend it, my AWStats is broken (unknown why) so i use google stats, i'm able to track where my visitors come from (london, manchester, america etc etc) which is great, and i'm able to track what keywords use off the search engines to get to my site, so i an work on building the strengh of the popular terms on my websites.

Well i'll leave it there for now as i have more work to do on this site tonight, so enjoy and remember if you need a FREE blog, just ask :)

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