Market and Customer Research Services

We can provide solutions to all of your
research requirements:

Customer Research - We will find out
what your customers think about your business and your services or products,
either over the phone, by post or face-to-face in focus groups.

can use the information delivered through our findings to develop your product offering, improve customer
satisfaction and retention.

We can repeat the measurement process
regularly as required enabling you to track and measure changes and target improvements.

In all cases we can provide a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report.
We can assist you with:

Customer satisfaction
and increasing customer retention.

Understanding the reasons
for the loss of key customers or

Mystery shopping.

Competitor research and

Developing plans and strategies to
respond to trends that are identified.

See an
Research Analysis Report

Market Research - We can undertake
market research into your marketplace in support
of new product or service developments or product improvements. This
can be phone based, by post, or face-to-face in focus groups.

Once again, we
will provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report of our
findings. We can assist you with:

Viability research and
testing for new product development.

Market assessment and

Buyer attitudes and
purchasing patterns.

Pricing research.

Staff Research

Employee satisfaction and
motivation monitoring surveys to improve staff morale and staff

Research for Public
Relations -
Research that we have produced in the past has often been
used by our clients and their PR (public relations) companies to seek
publicity for their business. We can help you construct research
questionnaires that will yield information that you can use in your own PR

Data Enhancement and Data Cleansing -
We can “cleanse” and “enhance” existing lists of prospects
or customers by telephoning each business to obtain information or to ensure that the information held is
accurate and up to date. We can also provide data if required.

To discuss your requirements, in strict
confidence and without obligation:

For information about
Writing a Research Brief
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