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04-13-2008, 02:55 PM
Join Date: Sep 2006
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Picking your Niche!

Well as i've said in previous blog posts, i'm an affiliate marketer, so i need to pick niches.

Finding your niche is the most important part, i've only been doing for a month or 2 and i've learntalot, ill share that here.

First off i go over to shopping.com and then click top searches scroll through the categories and you can find what people are searching for when they are looking to buy products, this is reat as you can target these in your SEO research.

Or / And

you go over to ebay.com and lick categories and search for niche categories through them, i use both methods.

Next you have to see if that niche is good or not, by going to some keyword suestion website, look at the sites i like to use below.

http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/su...rdtracker.com/ - free trial

then find how many sarches the keywords get per day.

Next you have to see how competative it is, so i head over to google.com and type the main keyword into google, to see how any results you get.

What i look for when i' doing my research isabout 100+ searches a day on my main keyword, then about 0-800,000 results on google.

I've found a few good ones

searches: 348
results in google: 306,000

searches: 258
results in google: 879,000

searches: 225
results in google: 664,000

Searches: 169
results in google: 173,000

You then have to see what your compatition is like, what PR they have on the sites, who the top of google, if its sites like about.om and wikipedia it will be very difficult to beat them, but if its other niches your in with a shot.

Also check to see if its selling on sites like ebay, and amazon. If its not selling then how are you supposed to make money off it?
04-18-2008, 12:31 PM
Aspiring Entrepreneur
Join Date: Dec 2007
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Re: Picking your Niche!

Found this software while doing research for niches and decided to buy it based on the video the creator offered on his site. Chances are you can find good niches without it but it sure did help me in narrowing down the right keywords.

I must say I was impressed with the power of this little utility. I have waited to rate it after I watched my sites to see if they did anything in the rankings. Well, after only 2 weeks I think I've had my car site, one of my search terms "muscle car auctions" is #3 on google

Could be a fluke and may not stay there but I'm going to work on more content and back links to make sure I give it a good chance to stay there.

I am now working on my bowling site to rank for "cheap bowling balls" as that came up as the best search term to target for my site. It also came up with "discount balling balls" and "bowling balls for sale" so I will most likely target "cheap bowling balls for sale"

Anyone, I do recommend a good look at this software at www.micronichefinder.com

It's not an affiliate link even though they do offer an affiliate program. I just do like this piece of software and am having a blast with it so want to pass on my recommendation for it.

04-29-2008, 08:09 AM
Join Date: Sep 2006
Posts: 187
Re: Picking your Niche!

Additional information:

When picking your niche, for Build a niche store i suggestion you head over to ebay.com/.co.uk which ever county your in, and use the advanced search facility, select a category and type in a keyword, one artcile i read suggested for the example you selected was;

category: sports and fitness
search term: road bikes

then type in say $2000 in the minimum price, and then with a maximum number of bids 2, (just to see if anyones bidding/buying.

Hit the search button, and you've just found yourself a profitable niche! Ebay commissions will be very good

I'm still yet to do some thing like this, as i only read the article last night, but over the next couple of days i will pick my niche and develop an affiliate website on it.

Thanks again


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