Best Security Systems

The Best Security Systems to Implement on Your Commercial Building

Here are some things to consider ensuring you maintain a safe and secure building.

  • Fire Safety

You should take part in regular fire safety checks which will help your team to identify any safety hazards that may occur in your building. Also, make sure appropriate fire safety training is in place for all employees so they understand the correct procedures in the event of a fire.

We recommend maintaining and checking the functionality of all fire doors, exits and alarms.

A lack of effective fire safety checks and failure to keep your emergency equipment updated can lead to a fine with your business name on it. More information.

  • Health & Safety

Do your facilities comply with current health and safety regulations? Are employees aware of the procedures in place? Take time to check that there is no loose wiring, trip hazards and that all handrails are safe and secure.

Wherever necessary, you should refresh any health and safety guidelines, for example, if the scope of your business has changed.

Ensure that your first aid kits are up-to-date and that all necessary items are enclosed.

  • Building Security

Do you know who has entry to your building? If not, it is vital to install the systems so you are aware who is in the building and each current time. This can be with CCTV, access control and electronic sensor locks, but these systems must be in place if your business deals with confidential information.

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