Customer Research Survey Services

Customer Research

Research Services can help you understand
why you are losing clients and/or failing to win new business customers.

Customers and prospects will
often not want to tell you they are unhappy, they just leave. Fortunately they are often quite happy to
tell our independent researchers.

We can save you customers and
find you new ones.

We can
provide the following cost effective services:

Customer Feedback Surveys
& Customer Satisfaction Monitoring

We will find out what your customers
really think
about your business, service and products by contacting them and asking
the right questions (these will be agreed with you in advance).

We will report to you the feedback,
comments and ratings that we receive.

can feedback to you specific instances of customer dissatisfaction for you
to address.

If required, we
can also seek new business referrals from your existing customers.

We can repeat the measurement process regularly enabling you to track and
measure changes and target specific improvements.

This service can identify problem areas within your
organisation that need your attention.

This service will help you develop your products and service, to improve customer satisfaction,
customer profitability and the likelihood that customers will repurchase.

See an

Example Research Analysis

To discuss your requirements, in strict
confidence and without obligation:

Call: 01892 783383 or email:

We can also help you with:

Customer Exit Polls

We can contact the customers that you have lost
and determine exactly why they left and all the issues that lead to their
decision. This information could be invaluable to you in improving
your products and services and therefore retaining customers for longer,
assisting you to grow your business.

New Business Prospect Surveys

Have you ever failed to win a piece of
new business? Did you find out exactly why they went to one of your
competitors? We can contact the customers that you have lost and get
behind the reasons that they didn’t buy from you. This understanding
can help you develop your sales approach and your products and services.
If required we can also identify prospects that are still interested in
purchasing from you and re-introduce them to your sales process.

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