Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Through our
Customer Research services, we can help you measure and improve
satisfaction levels amongst your customers by undertaking customer
satisfaction surveys on a regular basis and reporting the results to you.

We can conduct customer
satisfaction surveys either over the phone or by post or email to gain responses to a
range of different questions.

Customers often say that it makes them
feel important to be asked what they think.

We will develop the customer survey questionnaire with
your input and approval in such a way that it gets to the route of any
customer dissatisfaction.

Some of
the questions will require ratings to be given e.g. 8 out of 10
(quantitative research) and some will require more detailed answers
(qualitative research).

We can summarise the output for you into
a simple report that will highlight the key issues and specific
customers that require attention.

We can repeat the survey on a regular
basis to enable you to track changes and target specific areas for

If you wish, the opportunity can be taken
to seek new business referrals from existing customers at the same time.

See an

Example Research Analysis Report

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Research Services follow the link or to discuss your requirements, in strict
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