Different types of carpets and how to clean them - Office Edition

It’s vital that you create the perfect office environment ensuring maximum efficiency in the office.

Here’s where you should start: the carpet for your office

A lot of people consider buying a carpet as an easy and simple decision to make.

You stop by the nearest décor shop and notice the modern white carpet and start thinking how good it would look at your office as it has the potential to liven the room up. Find a local carpet fitter.

But then comes the maintaining, cleaning and refurbishing of your carpet. Buying a white carpet does not seem such a great purchase anymore.

The conclusion here is that you should be careful when you choose a carpet for anywhere and you should consider at least its material and colour.

In this regard the easiest solution to your “how-to clean-my-carpet” problem is hiring a good cleaning company that specialises in offices or carpet cleaning. Most of the companies use high-tech methods and machines and you are 100% guaranteed that your carpet will be fully refreshed, clean and there is no clue of dirt or any ruins because of the cleaning.

If you decide to go down the route of hiring a company, hire a team that are local to your area. For Croydon offices - there is nobody better than Veri Clean. Years of experience has led this team to being one of the best in the city. Click here to see more.

But if you insist on cleaning your carpet on your own, I will give you some really useful tips how to clean carpets and rugs properly depending on their fabric.

If you follow them, there’s no need to worry about causing any damage to the fibres by using an appropriate technique of rough scrubbing the stain with strong, chemical cleaning detergent.

  • Wool – it is advisable to clean your wool carpet once or twice a week and the most important rule that you should know is that most of the commercial cleaning detergents for synthetic fibres are not suitable for wool carpets. Bleaching products ruin them, so be careful what cleaning solution you apply. Choose one with pH close to the neutral or use a homemade solution of lukewarm water, mixed with vinegar of baking soda. Clean by blotting and avoid rubbing and scraping because you can break the wool fibres.
  • Plush or velvet – even though these carpets look luxurious and give a feeling of warmth and comfort in your home, their maintaining is really difficult. They are very prone to wearing down and scuffing. That’s why you should vacuum the plush or velvet carpet regularly, the more they are vacuumed up, the less soil will build up in the plush fibres. When you treat a stain on your plush carpet always use products, recommended by the manufacturer and blot the stain carefully. Never scrub!
  • Nylon – nylon carpets are perfect for high-traffic areas. They are good in standing-up to stains and considered as the easiest to clean. Regular vacuuming up and cleaning with non-bleach liquid laundry detergent is a perfect cleaning solution for nylon carpets and rugs.

For more information on maintaining your carpet, visit this website.

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